In a world where human population is faced with numerous threats such as natural disasters, diseases and epidemics, communities are often left to deal with the adverse effects of some and human induced aggravation of attendant problems causing deterioration in health and well-being of affected communities with women and children always at higher risk of harm.

In most cases government can only try to adequately address these issues and restore normalcy. The efforts of certain individual and corporate initiatives go the extra mile to supplement government activities by educating the populace, soliciting for support both in human and financial capacity to help salvage the situation already existing or about to be created.

In recent times, several well-meaning initiatives have identified a problem and helped cater for the subjects affected by such but In spite of the emergence of several solution providing bodies, there seems to be limited knowledge or recognition of this by the broader society. The mass communication of their selflessness and responsibilities, to both those who need them and those who can support them is of great importance to the success of these organizations.

Nimbus Nominate a Charity Contesthas attempted to bridge the communication gap by partnering and supporting Non-Governmental Organisationsby way of creating more awareness and generating support for their causes via its numerous shopping mall advertising platforms.

Nominate a Charity Contest is an annual contest, where followers of Nimbus Media and the general public nominates a Charity, NGO or Cause to get free exposure for a month on their network of digital advertising screens at shopping malls in Lagos.

Amazing success was recorded this year, as the number of nominations was unprecedented. The total number summed up to 955entries across various categories of NGO’s from Hunger alleviation to Malaria prevention to cancer awareness; upon the strict adherence to the 2 major criteria of eligibility, which are: Charity being registered in the Federal Republic of Nigeria and must have been demonstrably active within the last 12 months in the country. After the nominations stage, the 3most nominated charity organization moved to the voting stage and they were, Doctors Health Initiative, Lagos FoodBank Initiative, and  Visit a Hospital Today.

Doctors Health Initiative popularly called DHI emerged as the winner of the annual Nimbus Media Nominate a charity contest 2017 leading with 548 votes while Lagos Food bank initiative had 440 votes and Visit a Hospital Today had 312 votes.

Doctors Health Initiative is a non-governmental organization, is a family of Medical Doctors, Professionals and Non –Professionals in different fields, who serve as physician members, associate members (non -physicians), partner members, who are members of NGOs with like goals and principles.They are committed to serving human life by building healthy, free and just societies.

DHI is passionate about women’s health. The Women of Doctor’s Health Initiative and also the many women they come across daily are a rock in any family and their health is always at risk when they are ill equipped to fight health issues. There are grave health challenges pertaining to women due to lack of information as seen every day so they make it their mission to educate women on the pros and cons of family planning, child spacing and infertility.They provide a well-rounded, well informed and total health friendly solution. They also reach out to communities in need, more recently to the Internally Displaced Persons across Nigeria. They gather funds, donations, drugs and other relief materials to be able to cater for those in needs.