Last time out, we shared some insight about how to go about creating content for the Millennial or the Generation y (18 – 34 years old) based on their behavioral tendencies and how it affects the kinds of content they are most likely to interact with (In case you missed it, you can read that up here ). However today, we will be taking a look at just what kind of content is appropriate to market to those who belong to the Generation X (35 – 50 years old), seeing as what is good for the goose might not necessarily be good for the gander.

First, we need to understand how this age group likes to consume information and the features that appeal to them the most. As seen in the picture above, there can sometimes exist a huge disparity in choice when it comes to different age groups.

Nigerian Generation X 

  • Enjoy clear and concise information.
  • Have a mixture of mobile, tablet and desktop consumption.
  • Enjoy comparisons and reviews/ testimonials.
  • Are less willing to take risks because they have been burnt a lot in the past (can be change-averse).
  • Very hardworking.
  • Make buying decisions more based on referrals and perceived importance.
  • Is trying to make up for time wasted during their youth.
  • Rarely make buying decisions that haven’t been budgeted for.
  • Have more money to spend than the millennial.
  • Are loyal to brands they trust.
  • Usually will have to shoulder extended family financial burdens.

We already see that the Nigerian Generation X has many responsibilities vying for their funds. Going by this, your average Generation X customer probably looks something like the image below.

Now that we have profiled them, we can suggest some of the kinds of content they would probably respond to positively.

  • Testimonials and Reviews.
  • Video content (again, longer content OK if useful, otherwise keep it short).
  • Email newsletters.
  • Visual adverts that directly address their needs.
  • Blogs.
  • Concise information – overviews, facts, etc.

With these, we can see that it takes something extra and with a lot of maturity to convince the average Generation X individual and if you can get the kinds of content they interact with to align with your business; its brand values, messages, and services, then it’s a win!

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