Imagine, just imagine for a moment, a business trying to market its products/services to a 60-year-old woman (who is probably already a grandmother at this point) using memes…the probability that she will not even understand what it is about even if someone explains it to her is almost at 90%. That would mean that the business if it were solely creating value that this age group consumes, has already lost about 90% of its potential customers at the marketing stage. Marketing is all about communicating your product, and communication is not complete until the intended message is received loud and clear.

We said all that to say this; one size doesn’t fit all. What is good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander in this case, and marketing content should be tailored accordingly. The Nigerian baby boomer generation (50-70 years old) has probably already “seen it all”, we should probably call them the ‘see-finish generation’. Yes, the times and mediums have changed but the tricks are still the same. And this generation proves that even an “old dog can learn new tricks”. Let’s see for a bit the content features they most likely value.

Baby Boomers:

  • Place importance in accuracy to detail and ease of use.
  • Consume printed materials but are also still actively online (if your mum or dad or aunts are active on Facebook and WhatsApp, then you already know what we’re talking about).
  • Love simplified designs – want to find out information easily. You can’t come and be giving your daddy’s daddy headache.
  • Are presumed to be primarily desktop-driven or tablet driven (less mobile) but I don’t think you’ve met my grandfather.

So what kind of content would we advise you create for these amazing age group that you presumably can’t ‘bobo’?

  • Guides/books – more detailed text
  • Newspaper articles.
  • Lots of Testimonials and Reviews
  • Video (longer lengths & more detailed, if useful)

In conclusion, whatever content you create for the Nigerian Baby Boomer, make sure their journey through your content is easy, there’s no point making it all complex and losing them along the way.

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