We spend a great deal of our lives outside our homes. Advertisers are always trying to stand out amidst the clog of advert on digital devices that need a less-cluttered environment to deliver their message. This is where outdoor advertising comes in. 



Outdoor advertising, also known as out-of-home advertising, is advertising that reaches consumers when they are outside their homes. It works because it is seen by everyone and a huge cross section of potential customers. This type of advertising follows consumers from one location to another. The different types of Outdoor advertising are; 

  • Billboard advertising 
  • Lamp post advertising 
  • Bridge advertising
  • Guerilla advertising 
  • Point of sale display advertising 
  • Transit advertising 
  • Retail advertising 
  • Stunt advertising 
  • Street advertising

Outdoor advertising are mostly used in high-traffic areas like supermarkets, shopping malls, sports arenas, health clubs, subway stations, subway cars, airport walkways etc.

Outdoor advertising is a form of interruption marketing and cannot be avoided. They compel your viewers to stop what they’re doing and pay attention. Also, because they’re an attention-grabbing part of the scenery in busy areas, they often stand out to people long enough to get your message across consistently every time.

According to Trailerad, 68% of consumers claim that their purchasing decisions are made in the car. Outdoor advertising has so far increased the level of engagement as adverts tend to blend seamlessly into the natural environment. 

There are lots of marketing opportunities in the outdoor environment compared to non outdoor environments. Outdoor advertising channels are becoming increasingly reliant on data analysis and integration with smart technology. A case study on measuring the effectiveness of outdoor advertising by The Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria shows that Outdoor advertising is more effective than online advertising. Outdoor advertising is about seeing things in a new way in the natural environment. Outdoor advertising reminds people of your brand. Keep in mind that visibility nurtures familiarity and familiarity builds up trust. If you aspire to reach your customers and build some familiarity, then outdoor advertising can help you more than you think.

Outdoor advertising does more than just raise awareness by reaching the eyes of many people. Outdoor advertising creates interest from audiences through experiences. The interest is generated when the audience can relate to an ad. Creating an experience for the viewer of the advertisement generates interest and makes the ad memorable.

Outdoor advertising may also provide education about a product. This is a unique way of advertising because it engages the viewer.. A fact or quick tutorial about the product gives the audience a reason to pay attention and think about the product. Create a campaign that teaches something to your audience, so that they take away something from your product that entices them to make a purchase.



Nimbus Media Limited, an out-of-home media and advertising company based in Lagos, Nigeria, is operating an In-Cab entertainment network of 45 INTERACTIVE screens in Uber vehicles to ensure passengers are updated and entertained during trips. Client’s products/brands reach numerous potential customers every time the taxi is on motion. This results in strategic brand positioning and client retention. Outdoor advertising campaigns will become more visceral and engaging as new breakthroughs such as augmented reality and virtual reality make advertisements that not only present information about a specific business, product, or service, but also forecast the user profile of those who interact with it.