All over the world, more than 850 Million people suffer from hunger, food deprivation and chronic poverty which have made ending hunger and combating its menace a widely discussed topic. Today, hunger is considered a matter of urgency to be tackled head-on by world leaders, sports men, celebrities and civil societies.
In line with this vision, FoodClique Support Initiative (CAC/IT/NO 54151) a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) is making giant strides towards ending hunger and food waste through advocacy and distribution of both perishable and non-perishable food items to children, families, pensioners, the hungry and the socially vulnerable people in Nigeria.
Basically, FoodClique work to reduce food waste in homes and organizations and in furtherance of that, use resources gained to feed the hungry and educate the public about the problems hunger portends for our future. To ensure sustainability, they are also at the forefront of legislation with a bill for an act that will to a large extent see to the end of hunger in our dear nation through the freedom from Hunger bill sponsored by Senator Theodore Orji.
Over time, FoodClique have built a reputation because of the truth and dignity we have upheld in the discharge of their duties to humanity and it didn’t come as a surprise when they received the most nominations in the nominate a charity contest by Nimbus.
Since inception, they have recruited well over 1,550 volunteers, provided food to over 24,000 individuals and served more than 85,000 meals. There feats have been commended by World Food Program (WFP), Ending Hunger (Italy), ONE (USA), Agent of Hope (USA), and they were also featured on eNews South Africa as a leading hunger relief charity organization in Nigeria.
In 2015, FoodClique Support initiative was nominated for the Lagos State Government Spirit of Lagos Award and on the 27th of May 2015, FoodClique Support Initiative was named winner at a glamorous dinner hosted by the then Executive Governor of Lagos Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN).
Hunger in relation to Nigeria, statistics has shown that over 70% of our country’s population is battling with either partial or total starvation and now is a better time to raise our commitment towards the fight against it.
Some of our programs at FoodClique Support Initiative includes but not limited to: “School Meal Program” for less privileged school kids, Bag of Hope for Pensioners, Hunger Relief Program for the poor working people, After Hunger Rehabilitation Program, food for the Destitute or Homeless and food outreach for various communities.
This initiative has by no means brought source of hope to many in this nation and has increased believe in the heart of vulnerable people that there is hope for a better and brighter future.
This is therefore what they pride themselves in and ending hunger in every sphere and strata of the Nigerian economy is our goal and focus.
Finally, It is therefore our belief that ending hunger is possible and that starts with You and Me mobilizing resources to tackle this menace out of our polity. Congratulations to FoodClique Support Initiative.