Nimbus Media Limited hosted her ‘Annual General Meeting 2021’ on 25 May 2021 at The Providence Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos introducing Mr. Damola Solanke, Mrs. Victoria Oluwaniyi, and Rev. Olakanmi-Amoo Onidundu as new additions to the company’s board of Directors. 


While introducing the new directors, the Chairman, Mr. Babs Fagade, said; “ We are pleased to welcome onto our board of directors these three new members with diverse experience and expertise in the various Nigerian business sectors. Their skills encompass finance, strategy, technology, and human resources development. We look forward to the value and growth they will bring to our company.”


The event was attended by the company’s directors, shareholders, auditor, and company secretary. The meeting commenced at 10 am and closed in a very positive way with the attendees engaging in a tradition of AGM photoshoot session at the same venue. 


ABOUT THE COMPANY: Nimbus Media Limited is an out-of-home media and digital platform advertising company based in Lagos, Nigeria. The company is in the business of selling advert spaces at choice destinations using digital screens.

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