“Creativity is a function of leadership. It requires navigating uncharted territory and having the courage to face adversity to bring your vision into fruition.”
—Linda Naiman

Truly, the unveiling of the new digital signage screens installed at Ikeja City Mall, Lagos recently by Nimbus Media, encapsulates the above quote. The company has navigated into uncharted territory in the Out of Home (OOH) advertising industry in Nigeria and put the country on the global map of countries fully deploying Digital OOH and impacting brands’ bottom-line.

This bold move by Nimbus Media is a welcome development especially at this period when clients are currently seeking to measure (in actual data) the amount of exposure they get when advertising on a billboard as opposed to simple estimations portrayed by pictures.

Recently, there has been a shift of clients‘ ad budget to social media and others Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) sectors in the country with the resultant drop in revenue to the OOH due to lack of proof by some players to provide data to clients on visibility.

However, on the global scene, digital outdoor advertising has increased 35 percent since 2010 according to PricewaterhouseCoopers and is projected to overtake traditional outdoor ad spending by 2020.

Interestingly, the new Digital Signage Screens driven by Content Management System (CMS) is a game-changer and is set to revolutionalize the digital OOH landscape in the country.

The new digital screens were for the first time on display at the busy venue of Ikeja Malls with a large number of consumers, brand owners and members of the media in attendance to witness the maiden unveiling of the new screen technology.

The Managing Director of the company, Tayo Osikoya, while addressing the media at the event said the company was delighted to pioneer the latest in-mall screen technology in Nigeria’s outdoor advertising sphere adding that the company decided to launch the screen first at the Ikeja Mall being the busiest mall in Nigeria.

Speaking on what informed the technology, Osikoya said, “At Nimbus, we are always looking into the future. We are always looking at how to improve on our platforms and ourselves. We thought of how we can bring something new to the market.”

He added that advertisers demand data and ask for reports on how many people saw their advert, their sex, age, and other information which encouraged Nimbus Media to upgrade their board which would help them align with current realities globally.

“No other company in the country has this kind of board currently, this is something that is unique for now and we will keep improving on the technology from time to time,” he explained further.

Highlighting the features of the new screen technology, the company boss explained that the innovative screen called CMS solution is a software application that is capable of creating customized images while at the same time manage information such as still-image and video advertisement on a digital signage screen.

Other advanced features of the digital technology include, among other things, multi-zone layouts, schedule Playlists, Scrolling Text/RSS Feeds, Display Live Input, webpages, and interactive features.

The solution, he added, is also capable of delivering audience measurement by collecting key information about viewers, the number of viewers, their gender, age group, and emotions as well as the attention time given to what was displayed on the screen.

One important feature of the solution includes making each advert personal by showing targeted commercials. It is also possible to check online statistics anytime and anywhere it is needed, features which had been worked on relentlessly by the dynamic Nimbus team.

In less than a second, the solution determines and tracks every person looking at the screen, estimating their age, gender, emotions and viewing time with complete respect for individual privacy. The collected data is then sent to the server in real-time while the statistics are available online 24/7.

“I will say the unique selling point of this board speaks for itself. First of all, we have to look at the strategic location; it is in Ikeja City Mall, the number one rated mall in Nigeria in terms of foot traffic. The second thing is the aesthetic factor; the screen was made in such a way that it has some curves and you know, the colors are eye-catching, the size and all that is also a selling point for the screen,” Tayo Osikoya said.

The event was concluded with festivities taking place at Spurs in the mall.