With the amount of content vying for our attention these days. Endless brand communications on various platforms like billboards, posters, banners and other digital media. It’s easy to get lost in the noise when advertising. The introduction of digital into advertising brought with it the fact that advertisers have only a few seconds to get customers to notice their brands. This begs the question: How do I get noticed?

A great way to stand out as an advertiser is to introduce motion graphics, video content and animation into your ads.

While colorful still images and really cute pictures can catch the attention of your audience, the movement on videos and animations naturally draw the attention of the customer to your advert. Even the subtlest of motion effects can have eye-catching results, like in the picture example above. Sometimes, less is really more.

Having understood that emotions frequently drives purchases. Depending on how effective an advertising campaign triggers customers. Digital and conventional advertisers use this technique to affect the buyer’s perceptions. Still images usually have up to 75% less recall rate compared to motion or animated ads. This means that customers will probably remember an animation/video ad than they would a still image. Making your campaign interactive and catchy and recallable is highly important because as they say, the first impression matters.

Static banner vs. animated is a debate that will probably continue for some time to come, but both tend to be effective especially when deployed in areas with extremely high visibility, foot traffic, and aesthetics.

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