In Business, Branding and Marketing are very crucial. Infact, without Branding and Marketing, there is no such thing called Business.


What is a Brand? 

A brand is the complete expression of an entity that is communicated to a target audience. A brand is a promise, and when the promise is fulfilled, it creates an emotional response that lives in the hearts and minds of the consumer. A brand is a perception of what people think of you. This reflects in the visual appearance of a company (name, logo, color, slogan, vision and mission statements, value proposition), user experience of a product (interaction design, visual design, industrial design, packaging,) human interaction and customer support).


What is Branding? 

Branding can be defined as the long term commitments in communication of characteristics, values, and attributes of a product or service by using media and advertising tools. Branding occupies a place in a consumer’s mind for a very long time.

What comes to mind when you see a Coca-Cola Advert or Pepsi?


The colours, the fonts, the slogan, and the connection to real life experiences.

Over the years, we have seen both brands capture the hearts of many through their advertising strategies. The Pepsi brand mostly channels their advertisements to sports, music, and fun-centred activities. It is a fun related brand that resonates with teenagers and the youths. 

Coca-Cola has a unique approach. They appeal to the emotional side of their consumers. Coca-cola advertisements reflect emotions that advocate a sense of community and bond. They appreciate ethnic diversity and have made its place in the heart of its loyal consumers. 

Branding fills a need, meets expectations, builds trust and develop relationships. It keeps your promise differentiated and relevant. Maintaining a powerful brand helps you have good user reviews and experiences, customer recognition, competitive edge in the market, easy introduction of new products, customer loyalty and shared values, enhanced credibility and ease of purchase.



What is Marketing?

Marketing can be defined as the process of creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers. The keyword “process“ involves research, promotion, selling, and distribution of products or services, digital marketing, market segmentation e.t.c 

It is necessary for every company to implement marketing in their growth strategy to attract, acquire, and retain customers by satisfying their wants and needs and instilling brand loyalty. Marketing is very broad and encompasses all the strategies that help a company, brand, or individual achieve their objectives.


Why should you apply Marketing in your business?

Marketing helps you to reach the right target audience. It filters your target audience from the crowd and lets you know what exactly your audience needs. Marketing gives you the opportunity to raise brand awareness. Brand awareness gets people acquainted with your brand and the products or services you provide. Marketing generates traffic for your business. Growing the number of visitors to your site means getting qualified leads and Increasing your sales with effective marketing strategy. Marketing helps you to increase revenue. This can be achieved through different marketing strategies like Marketing Plan, Digital Marketing, Direct Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Viral Marketing, Performance Marketing, Inbound Marketing, optimization process, conversion analysis, e.t.c

Marketing is a great way to get reviews both online and word of mouth. It increases traffic through user generated contents and brand loyalty. Marketing gives you the opportunity to track your metrics. It shows you what can be adapted or adjusted to continually optimize your campaigns. 


The Key Differences Between Branding And Marketing


Branding is a term that governs all the processes of a business. Marketing can be defined as the process of creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers.
Your brand is your identity Marketing are the tools used  to convey your message
Branding isn’t a one-time practice. It is an on-going process. Marketing could be a one-time activity.
Branding is a strategy.  Marketing is a tactic.
Branding makes devoted customers and supporters  Marketing discovers and stimulates buyers. 

In conclusion, the main variance between branding and marketing is that marketing stimulates envisioned value while branding strengthens it. These are our thoughts on Branding and Marketing. We will like you to share your views on Branding and Marketing in the comment section.