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Out of Home Advertising Company in Nigeria

We Are the Leading Out of Home Advertising Company in Nigeria with Out-of-home Media Network in High Traffic Locations across the Country


Out of home advertising (OOH) is a form of advertising that is strategically placed at high traffic locations where consumers can be reached and engaged when they are generally outdoors or visiting specific public places for relaxation.

Traditionally outdoor advertising includes brand communications deployed on out-of-home media such as billboards, lamp posts, shopping mall display screens, bus shelters, benches, bus stations and road shows.

At Nimbus Media, we help our clients reach and engage their consumers by:

Deploying Impactful Messaging

Because of the strategic placement, size and location of out of home media, messages delivered through outdoor advertising proves very impactful as they are capable of easily getting the attention of consumers....read more

Optimizing Location-based Targeting

Because out of home advertising is extremely location-driven, over the years, we have mastered the art of making the best use of high traffic locations and outdoor advertising media....read more

Leveraging Outdoor Media Network

In order to add more value to our clients, we continue to expand our network of out of home media platforms and locations across Nigeria through partnerships and resource-sharing....read more


Out of Home Advertising Company in Nigeria

Billboard Advertising

We use large scale print and digital advertising boards (or hoardings) to promote a brand, offering, or a campaign at strategic high traffic locations...

Out of Home Advertising Company in Nigeria

Lamp Post Advertising

This is one of the most targeted outdoor advertising methods we use to ensure guaranteed exposure through small and compact billboards mounted on elec...

Out of Home Advertising Company in Nigeria

Shopping Mall & Superstores

We deploy creative ads in different sizes and formats in various parts of shopping malls and superstores that can give our client optimum brand visibi...

Out of Home Advertising Company in Nigeria

Transit Advertising

We leverage outdoor media platforms inside and outside public vehicles like buses, trains, subways, cabs and also in the transit terminals or bus stat...

Out of Home Advertising Company in Nigeria

Guerilla Advertising

Depending on budget, we deploy novel and unconventional methods to boost sales or attract consumers’ interest in a brand or business. Our Guerilla ini...

Out of Home Advertising Company in Nigeria

Brand Activation

We create events, campaigns, flash mob, street and road shows or any kind of activity through which a brand drives customer actions. This OOH advertis...

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