Lamp Post Advertising Agency in Nigeria

Lamppost Advertising

Lamp Post Advertising is one of the most targeted outdoor advertising methods we use to ensure guaranteed exposure through small and compact billboards mounted on electric poles on road dividers along the main roads in major cities in Nigeria.

It gives brands the ability to specifically target their desired geographical location and target specific consumers as the sequence of short impactful, personalized messages help drive conversions and top-of-mind awareness.

Why Lamp Post Advertising

Lamp post advertising provides durable yet cheap and effective means to engage consumers while in transit, probably in areas they often commute which makes it very great at creating awareness and reiterating brand messages that ultimately leads to top-of-mind awareness.

Lamp posts usually are very useful to commuters by informing them of their immediate environment and best ways to navigate.

And as such ads placed on them are designed to capture the attention of pedestrians, cyclists, and other commuters, especially in slow moving traffic. Apart from road divides, lamp post ads are used at large exhibition halls and in public places.

Cost of Lamp Post Advertising

Cost of lamp post advertising in Nigeria depends on the targeted location, number of lamp posts, duration of campaign, traffic volume at the location and format (digital or static) of the ad placement.

Nimbus Media provides creative, highly-visual and compelling lamp post advertising in major cities in Nigeria like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano, Ibadan, Abeokuta, Asaba, Warri, Benin, Owerri, Abia, Enugu, etc.

Our experts will review your advertising needs in line with what you intend to achieve with lamp post advertising and advise on a suitable budget.

Who Needs Lamp Post Advertising

Banks, FMCG, Telecos, Tech Startups and any other businesses that need to improve awareness (brand, product or service), consumer actions or drive participation in certain marketing campaigns. Book a call with us today to understand how you can leverage billboard advertising to promote your brand or campaigns in high traffic locations across Nigeria.

Lamp post advertising is also very useful for chain stores, retail outlets and local businesses like eateries, restaurants, laundries, hotels, spas, among other location-based recreational businesses.

Book a call with us today to understand how you can deploy lamp post advertising to promote your business, product or campaigns in high traffic locations across Nigeria.

Lamp Post Advertising Agency in Nigeria

Highway Lamp Posts

Lamp Post Advertising Agency in Nigeria

Street Lamp Posts

Lamp Post Advertising Agency in Nigeria

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