Shopping Mall Advertising Agency in Nigeria

Shopping Mall Advertising

We deploy creative ads in different sizes and formats in various parts of shopping malls and superstores that can give our client optimum brand visibility in targeted locations in Nigeria.

Some of the ad placements we have in shopping malls and superstores across Nigeria include ceilings, tables, elevators, doors, kiosk, spectaculars, tabletops, digital signages, etc.

Why Shopping Mall Advertising

Advertising at shopping malls and superstores gets your business in front of Nigerians from all walks of life at the busiest locations where they work, eat, shop and share memories with their loved ones.

Shopping malls and superstores have proven to be the perfect environment to drive sales, build web traffic, strengthen brand awareness, drive consumer actions with brand activation and enhance your overall media plan.

Most importantly, shopping mall advertising amplifies your brand story in a personalized way that helps your message become a larger-than-life landmark in your target consumers’ favorite shopping destinations in major cities across Nigeria.

Cost of Shopping Mall Advertising

Cost of shopping mall advertising in Nigeria depends on the location, campaign duration, ad format (digital or static), location and size of OOH media within the mall or superstore premises.

Our experts will review your advertising needs in line with the most innovative strategy to achieve your business objectives with shopping mall advertising and advise on the most suitable budget for you.

Who Needs Shopping Mall Advertising

Banks, FMCGs, Telecos, Tech Startups and any other businesses that want to increase brand awareness, launch marketing campaigns to improve consideration or drive specific consumer action (app downloads, event registration, web visits, ticket sales, product sampling, service subscriptions, etc) with engaging brand activation and consumer experiences.

Nimbus Media has a network of outdoor advertising media platforms in Ikeja City Mall, Novare Mall Lekki, Festival Mall Festac, Jabi lake Mall Abuja, Novare gateway Abuja, Heritage mall Ibadan, Cocoa Mall Ibadan, Ado-Bayero Mall, Kano, and all Justrite stores in Nigeria.

Book a call with us today to understand how you can advertise in popular shopping malls and superstores in Nigeria to better promote your business, product or campaigns.

Shopping Mall Advertising Agency in Nigeria

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Shopping Mall Advertising Agency in Nigeria

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Shopping Mall Advertising Agency in Nigeria

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Shopping Mall Advertising Agency in Nigeria

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