Shopping Mall Advertising Agency in Nigeria

Guerilla Advertising

Depending on budget, we deploy novel and unconventional methods to boost sales or attract consumers’ interest in a brand or business.

Our Guerilla advertising tactics are often low-cost as they inspire widespread use of personal interactions, surprise elements, daring creatives or viral social messaging techniques that keep audiences talking about our clients.

Why Guerilla Advertising

Because we often use memorable and unconventional approaches, Guerilla advertising tactics leave a long lasting impression on consumers. And as such, your target audiences will be left amazed, impressed, and wanting to know more about your campaign, product or services.

Besides brand recall, Guerilla tactics evoke surprise, shock and wonder that strikes consumers so well that they cannot help but to talk about your brand long after the campaign. This helps increase brand awareness through word of mouth.

The icing on the cake that is the least talked about is that Guerilla advertising is pocket-friendly as it has proven to significantly reduce advertising budget with reasonable returns on marketing investment (ROMI).

Cost of Guerilla Advertising

Guerilla advertising makes use of unconventional tactics such as word of mouth, viral marketing, or ambient marketing that have proven spectacularly effective across Nigeria.

We will develop a low-cost strategy that will be personalized based on your consumer insight from various media channels and marketing technologies.

Talk to us today to understand how we can deploy guerilla advertising to reach and engage more consumers in an unconventional manner that will create awareness and drive adoption of your products or services.

Who Needs Guerilla Advertising

Banks, FMCGs, Telecos, Tech Startups and any other businesses that want to increase brand recall, boost talkability and brand recognition while at the same time drive specific consumer actions such as app downloads, event registration, web visits, ticket sales, product sampling, service subscriptions.

At Nimbus Media, we help you get personal with consumers by engaging them with guerilla advertising due to the emotive nature of its messaging, creativity and mechanics for triggering target audiences to take actions.

We have leveraged guerilla tactics to redefine consumer perception through immersive brand experience times without number.

Shopping Mall Advertising Agency in Nigeria

Street Art & Graffiti

Shopping Mall Advertising Agency in Nigeria

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Shopping Mall Advertising Agency in Nigeria

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